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Default Idle problems and stalling after changing battery

I have a Automatic D21 1989 V6 SE

Since I changed my battery, the idle on my truck has been off, sometimes fluctuating a lot while the engine is warming up. I figured it was my idle air control valve because the symptoms seemed to match up.

Well, it recently stalled out. I unplugged the IAVC and plugged it back in and that seemed to get it decently enough for me to drive to a park. I let it sit a while and now it's having trouble starting up without stalling. And Just now, white smoke came out near the air filter.

Should I just clean it all? I'm scared to drive it anywhere in case it stalls again or the white smoke is very alarming. Does the IAC need to be reset after installing a new battery? Thank you!
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Sounds like you’ve got a bad vacuum leak. Not necessarily just the vacuum lines, check the gasket areas like between the intake manifold and head
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Update: it's been starting a little more smoothly and consistently after i unplugged the IAC for a while. it actually started more consistently with it unplugged. but then it'll just drop dead if i don't really give it gas. then, after a rough period, it finds its groove again and idles like normal. come to think of it, every time the battery died, it did something like this but not as severe. and it stalled while i was driving a route i don't normally drive and that doesn't really bring the rpm up.

here's a youtube of it. basically, it was idling like normal when i'm warming it up, and right before it settled into its normal rpm idle, this happened:

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I'm thinking you have a bad electrical connection somewhere.

Try cleaning the contacts. Do a voltage check across the battery terminals and then look for the same voltage between the positive terminal and the ground wire to the IACV.
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Dielectric grease on the posts... not needed, but strongly recommended.

. . . Factory Service Manuals: https://www.nicoclub.com/nissan-service-manuals
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And run an extra ground cable directly from the negative battery post to the engine.
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