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Default Brake Leak

I have a 1988 Hardbody 4x4 with the v6. Lately I've noticed braking was making a creaking sound and felt like the pads were biting towards the end of a stop. My pedal was pretty much hitting the floor as well and very mushy. I ended up bleeding the brakes the other day and it helped with the braking, however I still get the groaning/biting towards the end of a stop or on a hard brake. Yesterday I also noticed brake fluid on the bottom of the driver side caliper. Anyone know what the problem might be? Do I need new calipers? I can also smell a burning plastic/rubber smell coming from the engine bay (not the brakes), although im not sure this is related as I also have a rear main seal leak as far as I can tell.

Thank you for the help
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Welcome to the site.

Several things could make brakes groan or grab. Does it do this through out the drive or when you 1st drive? How old are the pads? Do the rotors/drums need to be turned? Are the pads/shoes glazed?

The fluid on the caliper, is that from bleeding them? Or is/are the caliper/s starting to leak?
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Brake fluid on the pads might do it, but gear oil leaking into the rear drum/s will definitely make them creak and grab.
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Get thee and thine truck to a brake shop, slowly/carefully, and soon. Time for a major going-through, and likely a major brake system overhaul.

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I don't know much about brakes, but you didn't mention checking the brake pads.
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Find where the fluid is leaking from FIRST. this could be the root of the problem, OR have absolutely nothing to do with it. ANY fluids on the pads while breaking is not good and could give the symptoms you described. Also cheap pads tend to groan, as mentioned, glazed pads/rotors could cause this. A "glazed" pad or rotor will have a shiny, almost mirror or glass sheen to it. FYI: pads and rotors should have a dull finish, not shiny at all. Check all hoses and bleeder screws. Check for collapsed or swollen hoses. If you buy all the parts, a complete break job on these trucks are affordable and fairly simple to do. Any fluids coming from the drums? Check the wheel cylinders for leaks. This could also cause the symptoms you describe.
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