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Default upper control arm lift

Hello everyone,

ive noticed that in the suspension lift kits the upper control for the hardbody is pretty much longer in length giving it the ground clearance. is there another manufacture that makes a longer arm that can bolt on to make it get the clearance (3-4in) or am i stuck paying 250$ to 500$ plus, and leaf spring can i not just and another leaf to the system to jack up the rear end so im not squating the truck https://scrabblewordfinder.vip/ https://www.applock.ooo/ https://www.7zip.vip/

ps i have a 1993 HB 4cylnder base 2 wheel drive


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Welcome to Infamous.

The aftermarket upper control arms are not longer to provide lift, they are designed at a different angle so when you adjust the torsion bars to get more lift the front end can still be aligned.

Yes, there is a difference in the length between the 2wd and 4wd upper control arms, and they are not interchangeable (4wd arms are longer).

Your not going to get 3-4 inches of lift in the front, 2 or 4 wheel drive, most of the suspension kits will say you can get about 2" of lift, once again, the lift is obtained by adjusting (cranking up) the torsion bars. The aftermarket arms also alter the angle the ball joint sits at so it doesn't bind up and as I said allows you to align the truck.

If you were to install 4wd upper arms on your 2wd truck you will not be able to align it, someone one time bought the wrong arms and he could not get the front end any where close to being aligned properly.

Also keep in mind, you may be able to adjust the torsion bars to get more than 2 inches of lift but that would put the upper control arm right against the rubber bump stops, which would totally eliminate any downward suspension travel and would cause the truck to ride like crap, being 2wd you would not have to worry about the CV axles being at a steep angle, something that happens when the front is cranked up too high.

For the rear, the 2wd has the leaf springs mounted under the axle tube (4wd they are on top), you can do an add a leaf to "re arc" the springs, which will provide some lift, you can replace the leaf springs with new ones that are made to provide lift, you can use a pair of longer shackles to give some lift ( or a combination of add a leaf or shackles. You can not use a block as I said the springs being under the axle tube, a block would cause the rear to be lower, the block moving the axle up ( the way a 2wd is lowered in the rear).

Normally the front end sits lower than the rear so not the same amount of lift is needed in the rear to bring the truck to sitting level.
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