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Originally Posted by johnber View Post
if you cross the starter manually does it work? It's worth a check, i have got em bad out of the box before. The shorting noise you heard leads me to bad batt cables tho. They can look fine and be garbage.
Is there a way to check cables? They look fine but it's worth a check.

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Originally Posted by Coby View Post
Is there a way to check cables? They look fine but it's worth a check.

Do the cables get warm when you’re trying to crank the truck? Do you see any discoloration or corrosion in the copper strands that you can see? I would disconnect the negative cable at all 3 connection points and clean the hell out of it with a wire brush. It connects to the battery, inner fender, and cylinder head. I would do the same to each end of the positive cable that runs to the starter. Clean the terminal, mounting surface, and the nut/bolt until they’re damn near shiny.

If you’re very careful you MIGHT be able to use a set of jumper cables from the battery to the starter....if you can get it to fit in there without touching anything.

See if any of these things fix or improve the problem. In my job we have a saying “ALWAYS check your connections first”. Many hours have been spent chasing a problem that had an easy fix.
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