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Default Kitchen make over

Been needing to redo the kitchen cabinets for a while now, crap pressed wood that the cabinet doors were made out of was starting to bubble.

I measured all the cabinet doors, 31 of them, sent the measurements to a guy I work with that builds cabinets on the side and he figured out how much plywood we would need to cut out new doors.

One Saturday I met him at Home Depot near his house and I bought 3 sheets of the cabinet grade plywood, we went back to his house and he cut out the 31 doors for me.

I planned on painting them gloss white and I wanted to spray them so I picked up a HVLP spray gun from HF, I primed all the doors, than a week later started painting them. I didn't like how they were coming out so I bought a better spray gun, another HVLP gun.

I've never used a spray gun before so I did some research and figured it out, with the second gun they came out good.

I ordered some Coca Cola red knobs for all the doors, and we picked up 25 packs of white hinges.

I mounted all the doors and drawer fronts, than my wife wanted the range hood painted red, I had Engine paint, red from when I painted my valve cover so I sprayed some on a piece of scrap metal so she could see how it looked, also sprayed the other end with some red brake caliper paint I had.

I painted all the cabinet faces with the same white paint but I used a roller, I need to either replace the green Formica or paint it.

I removed the range hood, took it completely apart, cleaned it, sanded it and painted it (spray can) with 3 coats of the engine paint (high heat), it came out good, I also painted the underside of the hood with appliance white paint.

couple days later I reinstalled it.

My wife said we needed a new under cabinet can opener as ours was no longer white, the years started to turn it yellow, I couldn't find a new one in white, only black, so I took the can opener down and tried to clean it. I decided to take it apart and I taped it off and I painted it also with the red, I didn't paint any area that comes in contact with the can.

Than she asked me about the metal trim around a Coca Cola clock we have, I tried cleaner wax to clean it but it wasn't coming out good, so I sanded it and painted it red also. The paint didn't come out good it had some glossy areas and others were dull so I decided to spray it with clear.

I guess it was too humid and the clear turned white and cloudy, so I wet sanded it with 1500 & 2000 grit than polished it with the cleaner wax, it came out really good.

Yesterday I painted one of the switch covers red just to see how it would look,

pics below:

The drawers were not closing right so I noticed where the back of the slides was attached to the wall, the screws were not even in a stud, so I used a piece of the left over plywood attached to the bottom to secure the rear of the draw slides, they are tight and level now !

This door was not mounted because I had to buy a special drill bit to install the hidden hinges that this cabinet uses, this cabinet was given to us by a neighbor when we removed the dish washer

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