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Default KA pistons worth the money

So here is my situation. I bought a new old stock factory crate short block. Rebuilt the head with new valves, springs, retainers, did a mild por and polish, port matched intak and exhaust, ect. Also, swapped to dual 40MM DCOE Webers, new old stock comp cam and a pacesetter header. Don't say anything about the header I know.

Got it fired up to find out that I have 30psi on compression wet in 1 and 2. Did a leak down test to chase the issue. Turns out I've got air passing through rings coming out the oil fill cap.

So since I've got to tear it down I have a question. I know there is more power to be had with the KA pistons. But is the money worth the power gain? I know someone is going to mention the pacesetter but it came free with the motor. Haha. The truck is going to be a fair weather/occasionally a daily driver.

Also, what kind of power am I looking at over a stock motor?
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