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Default Will these fit OK on stock 1998 Frontier?

Will these fit OK on stock 1998 Frontier? Daughter is soon to sell or trade her 1998 4WD Pathfinder, has 6-lug wheels with almost-new 235/75 R15 tires. My 1998 2WD stock Frontier has worn out tires, size 215/65 R15 on it, and I was wondering if there would be clearance issues if I bolted on her wheels and tires.

I did an online calculator thing, said her tires are 2.9 inches more diameter, so 1.45 inches at the top less clearance, and also her tires are 0.8 inches wider so would just out 0.4 inches more on the inside.

I don't want any rubbing of course. So does anyone know for this?

I do know the speedometer/odometer will read about 10% higher than my actual, not a big deal with 221K on it. Thanks.
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