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Hi 1988,
The first thing to check BEFORE you go and swap out the radio, is that none of your speaker wiring is grounded. If you did run new wiring into the doors, to the new front speakers, remove the speakers and verify that neither of the terminals is contacting the metal of the door skin. I would unscrew them and let them hang, then turn on the radio and see if they play. I have seen numerous times where an installer would screw in a speaker and pinch one of the terminals against the door skin, which will cause the radio to go in to protect and play nothing until the short is cleared.
If you still don't have sound, verify that neither of your newly run speaker wires are shorted to ground. You will have to unplug the radio for this part and do a continuity test to ground from the radio harness.
Also since you are not running rear speakers, make sure that those wires are not shorting together, or to ground.
Any one of the above conditions will cause the radio to look like it is on, but will not allow the radio to play sound.
Let us know if any of these fixes your problem, Good Luck.
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^what he said. In fact, you could even do a "bench test". Pull the radio out of the dash, hook it up to the battery directly (twist yellow and red together and hook them to positive, and then hook up the negative) and hook up a known to be good speaker directly to the speaker leads. This eliminates anything in the truck from affecting it. If it works on the bench, but not in the truck, your issue is in the truck. If it still doesn't work, you know it is the radio. I constantly have people bring me radios that "are bad", and then they work perfectly on the bench. If nothing else fails, take it to a professional.
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