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Default 90' 300zx non turbo

so i bought this car with the intent of fixing it up and auto-x ing the crap out of it..

here's the pics from the craigslist ad..

long story short, it ran (barely) when i bought it, i made it about 7 miles before it sounded awful and lost power and hitting the gas made it die..

i towed it home and got it in the garage..

took out these awful seat covers, lol

and got started pulling the motor apart to diagnose it..

the timing belt was intact(thank god) but it was a tooth off, not really surprised it ran like shit, lol

got it back in time counted the teeth on the belt like 6 times, even marked it lol did a leakdown test, and to my dismay the results came as so..

cylinder #1 - nothing, leaking out intake valve
cylinder #2 - 80% leakage, intake valve
cylinder #3 - nothing, intake vale leak
cylinder #4 - 25% leakage, good
cylinder #5 - 25% leakage, good
cylinder #6 - 80% leakage, intake valve

soo im pretty dissapointed with those results, i got the intake plenum off(what a pain in the a$$) and i pulled the intake valve covers, couldnt really see anything i guess tomorrow i will continue teardown.

i really hope a full head rebuild with all new valves and lifters isnt required, i cant afford that, lol
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