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Default Junkyard crawl...

Went to a yard i rarely get to, as the owner has a lot of other irons in the fire, and is rarely there. He has about 1200 or so vehicles.

These are at the entrance, he said he had some more of each...

This one is a runner...

This one is a 4x4, no engine, so i don't what it the drivetrain was originally...

Then these Hardbodies were ripe for the picking. I scored a mint driver's door panel, and a really good passenger one (one small split). $20.00 bucks, with window cranks, and arm rests...

As I am having a health issue, and have difficulty walking, I didn't get to look at the others. He said he had a 720 series dually with a flatbed back there...
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That would be fun to see.
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yeah man that sucks your still having issues. the weather here the last few days has been unbelievable. and i took my vacation this week, hoping for what i got. perfect weather.

i have a full list of stuff to do..........trans filters on the benz and lexus, service the benz differential and replace the lower ball joints on the benz. the left side is really raising hell. it has that ford f150 squeak anytime the car thinks about moving LOL

i need to go stroll the LKQ here. they got a few trucks over the last week, and i was working. the biggest OMFG moment i missed was they put a 4x4 out for picking that had the factory front desert runner styled push bar. i about died. and i was in kentucky when i got the alert. i know from past alerts that when parts like that get put on the yard, they are GONE.
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