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Default vg30i mixture heater delete.

I've had this project in mind, for way too long.

Shown at the bottom of the image, the ceramic material was crumbling away. Did a short circuit cause the damage? Or, did the damage cause the short circuit? It's hard to say. The debris can move quickly to the intake valves.

A few light taps, and the ceramic element shattered into small pieces (It was surprising how easily it broke apart.)

The ceramic element can be removed completely (it's not held in place by much,) and I pulled out the small electrical connections with needle nose pliers.

Here's the outside surface of the "stove pipe." It appears to be electro-plated. It's obvious where exhaust gas enters the intake (from the EGR valve) and flows against the pipe; the chrome-like plating is flaking away in this area. Chrome bits are another thing I don't want inside the engine but I wouldn't remove this pipe (not yet.)

With the heater element removed, the engine DOES sound and run slightly different. It's not a modification that will result in an extremely improved driving experience. But I'm glad the ceramic is removed from the intake.

The "stove pipe" might be needed as a baffle for the EGR inlet (shown here completely clogged) and also the PCV inlet.

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