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Thanks FJ, I'll look deeper into the wiring.

I got some more done on my air system today. No pics though cause it started raining as I finished. After I got the brackets for the pump done I mounted it up and the pulley was hitting the power steering lines. Also the inlet fitting was really close to the distributor. So I re-welded the brackets a bit lower and closer to the engine and all is better.

On another note, I have a crazy idea for my SAS suspension and I want to get more opinions on it. My plan is to use a half of a leaf spring on each side to locate the axle but use coil springs to support the truck.

Like this.

So think of the half leafs like a Ford radius rod, or the arms on a LandCrusher. But since they flex a little they wont bind as easily.
I think it will react acceleration and braking forces fine because a normal leaf setup is only anchored on one end. Since I'll have cross over steering I plan to use a panhard bar, so the leafs wont have to react side loads.

I know it's crazy, but is it stupid?

Thanks for looking.
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Scott Turchin
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FJ is on the money here. My old VW Scirocco did this, it is possible it is the ECU but likely the wiring.

Did you replace the sensor?

My old Scirocco would belch the ugodliest black smoke you've ever wish you hadn't smelled and barely ran when the sensor was plugged in.

Turned out to be a bad sensor. But VW's also have ground issues, so check your wiring, try a resistor
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I think half leaves would allow axle wrap under acceleration and braking. You'd do better to have a stiff arm. You would also need a track bar to control side to side movement.
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What did you do with the original rear bumper? A rare factory option. Ive only seen a few. Most trucks got the deluxe step bumper.

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