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Default Any IT (Information Technology) People Around?

I recently started going to school to go into the IT field. Just curious if there's anybody on here already IN the IT world... If so I'd love to chat and maybe pick your brain a bit...

I just passed the halfway point on my schooling. So far I've gotten my CompTia A+ Certification and I'm working on several others, including a few from Microsoft.

I'm hoping by the time I graduate I'll have a better job and I can jump back into the MiniTruckin life. I miss drive The Mini so much!!
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I dabble in it, WRLiv. No certifications yet though.
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I've been working in IT since I was 9. Got my first network admin job at 12. I work for a company that provides IT as a service, mostly for other small businesses. Of all the jobs I've had this is the one I've stuck with the most. Been here 8 years now. I like being able to go around to different places every day. I got bored when I had to go to the same office every day.

IMO don't waste your time/money on certs unless you're planning to work for the government or a government contractor. Get your bachelors and focus on getting experience. Freelance work is a good way to get your feet wet, or try to find a company looking for an entry-level position. Once you've got about 3-5 years experience and a reference or two, assuming you're good at it, you won't have trouble finding jobs. I haven't been without a job a single day since I was 12. Hopefully that trend maintains :P
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