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Default Survey - Decals or not?

Hey All,

Just had extensive paint correction performed on my 1996 SE. Results were quite amazing. I'm now considering the factory billboard side decals. I thought I would ask the community for your opinions. Decals or no decals?

Thanks in advance for your vote!

paint correction small.jpg
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XoXSciFiGuy (04-09-2022)
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Amazing looking truck!

I like the clean look. BUT, I also like the original OEM look. Gives it more value.

My answer doesn't help. But I like the decals

If you want "period correct" looks/styling. Go with the decals that were available for that truck year.

For that nice clean look, keep it as is.
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Raredan (04-04-2022)
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clean looking, I like it the way it is, if your going to do stripes, consider having them painted on...
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I’d leave it like it is for a while. If you decide to add the stock stripes later you can
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Nice truck. I'm in the same boat. I've considered having this company make me a set of decals for my truck. I like it clean and then I'll see a D21 truck on the road with decals and it gets me thinking.


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chicks hate the decals

Survey size of my girlfriend

i kind of like them....
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my truck is grey and doesnt have them and its kinda plain looking. but on a colorful truck id say they look better without the decal.
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Some thin door edge guards in black (to match existing trim around wheels) would look good on that truck. And be functional as well.

I say no to the decals unless they are OEM/Factory for that year of truck.

2009 Xterra, 4.0 liter, automatic, 4WD.
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Jason Bourne
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I think it looks great just the way it is. How much did the paint correction cost you? Exactly what did they do?
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I went back and forth on this for a year. Finally decided to go without them. It came down to do I want a more modern look, or retro look. I went with modern.
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