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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Toyota Tacoma caps, for trucks made before 2005, will work. One from a regular cab is ideal, but an extended cab one will work with cab interference. That is the white one in my sig/handle pic. The have the same/very close- foot print as our beds, but their bed rails are narrower and their cabs are higher. This means a cab-height tacoma cap will be about 4" taller than a hardbody cab. The cap I had, had a lip that went on the inside of the bed rail and I had to file some of it off at the front sides (perhaps 1/8" per side) and it still fit tight! Because the "Access Cabs" (toyota term for king cab) rake forward so much, the caps for that cab style do, too. Our cabs are straight in the back. I had to place the cap about 1/4" away from the cab to line up in the back with the tailgate. This meant that the cap hit the cab while off road. A regular cab tacoma cap shouldn't do this. If you don't off road, it shouldn't matter.

Nissan Hardbody regular cab caps will work, too, despite the bed length difference. That is what the red cap I have is. I have used this cap for about three years. I had to be intentional about the placement on the bed rails, and needed to custom flare the lower lip of the rear door out to fit over the tailgate. I think this cap would have sat about 1/4" farther forward on a regular cab bed.

I have found that using quality seals is key to dry camper shells. I have also had a ford ranger shell on there, briefly. Ranger beds are slightly different, but close enough that I came close to buying a used ranger utility shell a couple times. I use these seals. Not the cheapest maybe, but incomparable. Good seals can help with rail imperfections, height differences, AND the wrong shell. The only thing I worried about was dust. The Hardbody tailgate is pretty challenging in that department, but I had pretty good luck with sealing it up, too.

I had both my setups in the southeast for multiple years, and never hesitated to take them thru high pressure "laser" style touchless car washes if that was all that was available. I generally don't use that style because they don't work and I had a bad experience in my 720 (I got wet!). Don't buy a shell that needs all new windows. Those things are pricy. The circumferential frame is easy to reseal, but if the slider is what is leaking, consider passing. Ask the seller if you can mount it up and go to a car wash. Worst thing they get is a clean camper shell! Hang out in the back while the wash does its thing, wear PPE. It's a blast.
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Thank you for the great information. I was about to ditch the idea of buying a used cap but now I have new hope of finding something that will keep my ice-drinking (some call it ice fishing) equipment out of the elements.
Thanks again!
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Default Soft topper?

I was planning to put a cap on my '92 D21 after a hail storm destroyed my old cap. My fabricator guy suggested a Softtopper (out of Boulder, CO). I went that route and I love it. It can be folded forward for hauling, and the sides and rear can be rolled up for canopy-type use. Extremely tough canvas construction. Price new was about $800. The only drawback is that it cannot be locked or secured like a hard topper. Definitely worth a look IMHO. See my pics for a look-see.
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