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Default Brand new battery not holding a charge?

Good evening everyone, I am a new Hardbody owner but unfortunately I've run into my first major issue with my '97 5 Speed King Cab.

The other day my battery had died on me. I jumped it and bought a new one. The battery I had before was 5 years old so I figured it was normal that the battery had died on me. Fast forward a week, I haven't drove my hardbody since I replaced the battery 7 days earlier. I go for a normal drive around town enjoying rowing through the gears.

Everything was going well, nothing unexpected or strange happening. Until I'm coming home... Two blocks away from my house I am at a stop light in neutral with my foot on the brake. As I am waiting for the light to turn green I notice my stereo light start to flicker. I didn't think much of it at the time so I just ignored it. Then when it turns green I shift into first and give it gas. Except It wouldn't go. I think it's in neutral seeing as the engine was revving but it wouldn't go forward. I try again to put it into gear. This time it goes but very slowly with high engine rpm's.

At this point I'm a bit shaken up since this had never happened before but I was close to home and there was no traffic so I should be good. I am 4-5k rpm and I'm only going 10 mph, I don't try to shift in to second because I don't want to make things worse if possible. As I'm about to get to my home I hear a loud backfire come out the exhaust. I thought it sounded cool but it wasn't exactly something that ever happened before.

I get to my driveway and thank God I was alive. I turn the hardbody off and try to start it back up. Nothing. I can hear something click which I assumed was the starter. It's late so I decide to leave it until tomorrow.

I wake up and try to start it again. Nothing, but all the electronics work. I decide to try jumping it and it starts. I let it sit two minutes until I take it for a drive to see if it works. Except soon after I disconnected the hardbody from my other car, the stereo light starts flickering again like the night before and not too much longer after that just shuts off. Try starting it and nothing. So I jump it one more time and it starts again. I let it sit for a bit longer but it shuts off again.

The battery isn't older than two weeks and it can't hold a charge apparently. I assume something is draining it but I wouldn't have any idea what it is. No idea what the mechanical issues would have had to do with anything but they happened at the same time so I assume they are related somehow. Anybody else ever experience something like this or have an idea whats wrong? Advice and answers would be greatly appreciated. It's sure a blast to drive when it works!
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