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Default New member from Missouri

Hey all...

Joined up yesterday after being pointed here from a FB group for minis. My first vehicle was a 1983 Datsun...Cherry condition back in the early 90's...no rust at all...I dropped it static threw on some aftermarket "chevy" rims that the guy I got them from swore they didnt fit...hehe...ditched the mud tires for some 50 series and I was set. Added a dump/tilt back hydraulic bed with the help of a friend(i could weld, but didnt have my own welder at the time). I have always had the "stereo" bug, its a family thing, so it was only natural that I put a system in my ride. good thing it was a kingcab... two 12'" CV XL?(been a while) and an Autotek 7204 to run the whole system to start...eventually add a very rare 7050xx Autotek for the highs...nice and loud and CLEAN...which after abusing my eardrums for a year or so I went SQ, but still could get plent loud. that truck eventually became a project after a wrecked it and I picked up a 85 Chevy Blazer
2x4 that I also static dropped and put my stereo system in. finally fixed the 720, but it never made it to paint(I was waiting to find a new 85+ bed), but eventually sold the whole thing to buy some rims and tires for the s10...besides... Same friend had another 720 that got passed around and then wrecked...so eventually we worked out a deal for us to fix it up and me to buy it. Before it made to the paint shop I cut the top off...lol....yeah...good times...and made it a full time vert after the guy that helped me cut the top off bailed(legit family reasons), so I was stuck with a 5 color and primer project 720. Sold the Blazer as I needed money for college and it was basically copbait anyway, and I didnt want to have to worry about it in some secluded college parking lot. Forgot to mention that the Blazer was broken into and the stereo was jacked just a few days after a local show....last time a did "show" system...everything is stealth now...I was MECP certified in HS and even had a little business complete with distributor...sellling and installing system for local "rich kids" that my cousin went to private school with...made more money then than I did for many years...lol. So yeah, had a nice stealth system in the blazer for a while, but again...needed the money for school, plus I bought my mother's mercury tospaz...lol...awesome stealth system in it. and in reality not a bad little beater car. finally got my project 720 painted just to "finish" it...I was working at a car stereo shop and going to school full time...about two hours from where the truck was stored. Eventually life brought me to a different school, and a different house, no room in garage so I sold the truck..well horse traded for it...a couple of Orion 250HCCA amps w/ link....and a bunch of other random stuff we had in common. In fact I was trying to find out what ever happened to that second 720 and was directed to this forum...cant believe I have never seen it before! Glad and privileged to be a member here, though admittedly...I dont currently have a Nissan...I am actively searching for one....the 720s seem to be getting pretty rare around missouri...especially in decent condition. Would happily drive a D21...but again...even they seem to be getting rare. I already posted a wanted ad(yeah I know...shoulda introduced myself first...but wanted to get the ad up...as the early bird gets the worm so to speak). I have been a member of nearly every forum for which car/truck I have owned...some are better than others...no names mentioned, but yeah...always nice to find a "good forum" and so far this has been pretty great. Even got a semi random "hello" PM from a member...nice little chat about trucks and life...first time that has ever happened to me in a forum...lol. Anyway...any help making me a "legit" Nissan owner again would be very much appreciated...Thanks to the "owner and admins and support staff"...I have been there too...more work than I care to deal with...of course it depends on the members too. got a real kick out of the "public hearing" section, sad it is needed, but pretty cool idea... anyway...I can ramble for days...anything ya want to know, just ask...basically I am an old school midwest minitrucker....that currently has a 98 dodge(gasp) 3500 dually that is soon to be a project truck(bad clutch...so...of course that means it needs a back half, bags, and a body drop...lol). Plus the gas mileage on the V10 is horrible...need me some Nissan, as mentioned in my want ad...basically as a DD until I can get my "project" train rolling again. Take it cheesy!!!! Nathan
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Welcome to Infamous
My name is Tony and I'm a Infamousaholic

Current truck - 2017 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner ,

(formerly owned: 1993 Nissan Hardbody king cab 2wd, 90 Nissan Sentra, 94 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4, 05 Nissan Titan, 87 Nissan SE-V6 4x4 king cab, 94 Infiniti Q45t & 80 Datsun 310GX )
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welcome to IN.
"Im officially lost" - wildbill
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Welcome to the site.
96 HB XE
SAS'd D44 3-link on 35s
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Welcome to infamous
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The Kids= Down N Out: 91 Nissan Ext Cab, SR20DET, Build Thread: http://www.infamousnissan.com/forum/...ad.php?t=20041
The daily: 90 Nissan Std Cab, KA24, Build thread:http://www.infamousnissan.com/forum/...476#post413476

87 Nissan Pathfinder...on hold... , 93 Nissan Pickup Long Bed.....needs help!!!
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