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Angry Need help please mass air flow sensor issue!!!!

Ok guys bear with me im a diesel guy and very knowledgeable with my second gen cummins not gassers.... just purchased a clapped out hardboy 92 2wd 5 speed in cali 175k on the clock. Ok so check engine light comes on and she does a jerk when i go into second and makes it fifficult to go into gear but idles fine. I looked everywhere for a obd1 scanner to see what its telling me no 1 has it... so i removed the seat and went over to the ecm and rotated the knob so it can go through its phases and i got code 12 mass air flow sensor.. so i removed the filter housing and removed the sensor plug.... it has a black/white wire- power , white wire- signal,and black wire for ground... so i checked the power wire with key on and got 12 volts so it has power good rite? Then i probe the ground wire and probe the positive terminal on battery and only gey about 3.7 volts. So its not getying good ground where should i start ...... batteries are good available voltage is about 12.5. Please help just went through a shit show replacing staryer then it took a shit days later checked fuel pressure and spark plugs ... many many things only to fimd out the new starter i purchased was defective getting frustrated with this thing
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