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Default Back on the forum.

Sorry about not showing up.(I know one missed me).
I ruptured a disc in May(actually I had done it a couple years ago, but only became a real problem when I couldn't feel my toes) Finally,Had surgery and have been down for the count for 2 months (I'm getting old and it sucks).

The old D21 is available for part out, if any one is interested. I believe my post is still up.

The good news is I picked up this: 94 Xtracab XE 110.000 miles $2500.00

Hope everyone is doing well.
I'm the East Coast til October. and then I'm out of here. I'll junk the truck then


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Midnight Tech
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I can agree on the getting old...
Nice looking ride you picked up!
"Off To See the Lizard"... courtesy of J. Buffett
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Out of Round Tuits....
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Welcome back! I’m glad you’re feeling a little better
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I would like to say, that in terms of pulling parts, I'm moving a little slow.
So be patient. I'll pull stuff as quickly as I can.
Heavier stuff may take longer.

I'm not looking to make a "Killing", but shipping seems to be a real bitch; price wise.
(I can't ship an engine to Illinois, nor a bumper to Washington Sate.)

I'm also using craiglist, so some things may go locally.

Here's what I'm trying to do:
1) This is(was) an awesome little truck; I drove a 22 year old Nissan Hardbody from Vancouver Island to Massachusetts in the month of March without a problem (except for freezing my ass off in Idaho and then again in Illinois-Couldn't keep the engine heat up).
2) I would hate to see this truck just go to the wreckers. I made a point of keeping it well maintained and serviced.( I've seen too many good wooden boats get scrapped because some dimwit didn't do the same).
3) Everything is negotiable. I'm willing to take less to balance out the shipping costs.
4) I would just as soon get stuff out to people who need it as see it go to the junkers( Just my nature).
5) My Daughter stole this truck from me when she was going to Carpentry School at Vancouver Island University(actually I let her), and she wanted to know when I was Bringing it back!. Her response, when I told her I had bought a new(another?) one was "I can't wait to drive it" That won't happen until next Summer. She can patiently wait.

There it is in a nutshell.

Be proactive make an offer, and I will do the best I can.
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Welcome back!
96 HB XE
SAS'd D44 3-link on 35s
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The Gear Jammer
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you might want to update your for sale thread, if you havent already done that. and back problems suck. welcome back. this place is still kicking.
"Im officially lost" - wildbill
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