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Transmission started slipping. Replaced a failing pressure solenoid in my 4L60E in the FM. I had good initial pressure, but no pressure rise with throttle. It was a tricky one to diagnose, but the good thing was that it was accessible through the pan. New Filter and upgraded Dextron VI while I was at it. Hoping for better fuel economy from that fluid.

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Drove down a really rough road to work today and after hitting a few big rocks the truck started running super rough. Pulled over and tried not to get too upset considering I was nowhere near anyone for help nor had phone reception. As I was looking in the engine bay nothing stood out. Took a 5 min break, came back and started wiggling things softly. Sure enough one of my cylinder leads had come loose just enough. Phew.
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Mounted the air horn and ran tubing to solenoid, wired solenoid and ran wire and small tubing into the cab (1/8" for pressure gauge), reinstalled lower valance and grille, horn clears grille by about 1/16".

Pulled lower dash apart to remove the panel where the 4wd switch/blank would be, installed my air pressure gauge, found switched power and lighting wire and connected gauge light, connected small tubing to gauge, installed adapter to use factory USB connector behind radio, reinstalled panel with gauge, radio, glove box and center console, put wire loom on wire under steering column, reinstalled lower panel under steering column, ran wires to switch location in console.

Mounted the switch, some pics I took today below:

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Default Spare tire

I have a full size spare tire, and currently it just flops about in the back of the bed"
I too have moved my spare from under the bed. The roll pan I installed has a hole for the tool to lower the chain that holds the spare, but the hole doesn't line up very well. This means crawling underneath and using a shorter tool. I am brewing an idea to attach a power window motor to the chain lift, wiring up a couple of relays and mounting a switch...where? There would be a bit of work just to find out if the window motor is strong enough for the job. I am open for ideas for a stronger motor, and find an all weather, 3 way, 40 amp switch. Just spitballin' right now. Ideas guys?
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