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Question can i pull trans without dropping exhaust

Hello there new member I just bought a 93 d21 v6 with a automatic trans that is totally shot. I have gotten almost everything undone last thing i need to do is remove torque converter bolts and two upper bell housing bolts. my question is do i need to remove the exhaust system to pull trans out our can i work it around the exhaust. first time doing this by my self ill have some help when it comes to the acutal removal of the trans. any advice would be great and a huge thank you to anyone who can help.
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Do you have a floor jack? This helps. Are you having trouble reaching the top bell housing bolts? That's common for Nissan, especially the center top bolt on a four-banger.

I doubt you have to remove the exhaust to drop the tranny. But you need something to support it to muscle it out of there once you get the bolts off.

If nothing else works to get the tough top bolts out, you can cut a three-sided bit from the tunnel area in the cab (under center of dashboard) and pry it up to get the bolts. Then hammer it back down, seal it somehow, and replace the carpet. I only recommend this if all else fails.

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kevin there is an engine and drivetrain section, i thought you would post this there cuz i'm not sure on how many people check this section as compared to the other one, now hurry the hell up so we can do other things to it lol
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my auto trans truck exhaust can be unbolted at the y pipe on both sides and dropped down.
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You probably will have to drop the exhaust in the v6, in the 4 banger you don't. I've replaced a couple of starters in those and it's a bit cramped under there.
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You neglected to mention if it's 2wd or 4x4.
The 4x4 trans can be dropped if you remove the transfer case first. The 2wd will have a longer tail housing so i'm not sure
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