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Cool! You have a Heavy Duty truck, too. The last year of the Heavy Duty versions, actually. You've got a Long Bed truck. I'd be interested in seeing pictures of it.

So, you need the exact same parts that I needed. Your Idler Arm (like mine and the 4x4 versions) does not have bushings. You DO need to get the 2WD version, because the hole in the Idler Arm where it connects to the Center Link is tapered to fit the tapered pin.

The 4x4 models have the Center Link on top of the Idler Arm, so the hole in the Idler Arm is larger at the top.

4x4 Link On Top

The 2WD Heavy Duty models have the Center Link bolted on below the Idler Arm, so the hole in the Idler Arm is larger on the bottom.

2WD Link On Bottom
So, you need this part: MOOG-K9386, which is $83 + shipping on Moog's site, but can be found for under $60 with free shipping on eBay (eBay Link to Search Results).

I needed it immediately, and the local auto parts store did not have the MOOG K9386 in stock, but using Part Number K9386 they were able to pull up a store brand with a lifetime warranty for $46, I believe.

The Pitman Arm (attached to the steering box): It seems no one makes an aftermarket item for this. You have to go to Nissan and pay over $100 for it. That tells me it must not go out very often, so I did not replace mine.

When you replace the Idler Arm, you'll need a Pickle Fork to bust it off of the Center Link:

The one shown above is $14 at Northern Tool:

Of course, a few hits with that Pickle Fork and the rubber dust cover on your Center Link is going to be destroyed. My local auto parts store (ABC Auto) and generic dust covers for $5.

To get the old dust cover off, use an old pocket knife or pick to get below the bottom lip of the old dust cover. Once you get that done, the old one should just pop off.

All that said, I really don't know for sure if my old Idler Arm was bad. After I had it off, I looked at it next to the new one I bought, and they seemed to be in about the same condition - the newer one was prettier, of course.
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