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Default blank screen

ok my premier hu p-660 has been acting funny lately. every once and awhil my screen goes blank, and i have to either wiggler the face, or flip down the face peice to get the screen to work again....this problem has started about 2-3 years ago...at the time no biggie, cause it did it like once a month, now the problem has gotten out of hand. everytime i hit a bump, make a sharp turn, or even when the bass hit hard my screen goes blank. the music still plays, but no buttons work, nor the remote works.

now im thinking its the contacts, is there a way i can clean them? i was thinking alcohol and a cotton swap, any other suggestions?
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That, and lightly rub the edge of a penny over the contacts, that usually works for me, thas the same way i would clean the contacts on my old race car tracks from back in the day.

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There is also some electrical contact cleaner spray that u can use that will work. Better than alcohol, its what I have always used and my old blaupunkt deck used to do that same shit, as for his suggestion of using a penny, that's new to me but I don't doubt it would work, hell u can clean fouled spark plugs with a dollar bill lol
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I have used a pencil eraser to clean gold plated contacts before...if you can't get an eraser in there you can always use alcohol and a toothbrush to get down in there and get all that buildup off of the contacts.

If you use a solvent contact cleaner, be careful....some of that stuff can eat plastic.
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