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since people are starting to post several cars i shall lol

this first truck technically wasnt mine but i drove it when i first got my license. didnt get me into trouble only because i didnt get caught 79 GMC 9" lift 35s bored 350 to a 355, cam, headers, straight pipe, true duals, 700r trans, 204 transfer case im not 100% sure. anyways, i can keep going i just wont. speedo didnt work so idk how fast i took it up to. lets just say i ran against new silverados, old chevys, scion tc, and nobody could catch me.

got my first truck when i was 16, 83 Ford Ranger for $400. Sat for 6 years, 4 flat tires, broken grill, someone shot the headlight, engine didnt run or start, dash was crap, ect ect typical story.

when i got it. technically the t bird was mine too

Sadly when i got rid of it in summer 2010. sat for almost a year. finally got it registered $604 thanks to my mom for a birthday present in 2010

she had a 302. man do i miss her...

second truck, 97 Ford Ranger:

third truck, 92 Ford Bronco:

and my current one, 95 HB. thanks to NIS720 got my dream rims:

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too broke to be low.
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1982 olds regency 5.7l desiel. Super comfy but belonged in the water. A car shouldn't handle like that. Sold it, a week later I heard it burnt to the ground, then a bunch of others, (10 total) longest owned my 89 240sx coupe @ 5yrs and 40k mi later, blew the motor got pissed sold it for dirt and bought my 1994 hb it's a keeper.
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mine was a 1992 subaru brumby, so much fun in the sand!
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1st vehicle was a 1976 chevy blazer 4WD, 4" lift and 36" tires, guess I've always had my head in the clouds but still love the lowered ones. it definitely was a tank though 40 gal tank cost $20 to fill... back in the day.
96 HB XE
SAS'd D44 3-link on 35s
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Originally Posted by Noahj_95 View Post
15mph totaled it
They weren't known for their Insurance Institute Safety rating.

Originally Posted by slyderdai View Post
ahh the Excell it was the car that started hyundai in the states. It was a rolling death trap by my buddy and I swapped over the 4g63 that came in the early elantra's into his and that thing was hell on wheels! it had 2 seats and a helluva stereo system.
I bet it was! I don't know what kinds of motor was in mine, but it ran like a scalded dog!! Mine had stock speakers with the paper sound cones, and a Pioneer CD player. Didn't matter what audio components I had in it, cause you couldn't hear it over the exhaust with a hole in, the road and wind noise, and my girlfriend at the time yapping her trap all the time.
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my first truck was a 93 nissan hardbody ;D

before i wrecked it

wrecked it at a yellow light, was working on a repaint
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