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Correct NGK exhaust and correct NGK intake side spark plugs makes a HUUUUUGE difference. Years ago I had the 8 plug 4cyl motor and put in 8 of the same A/C brand plugs, turned the truck into a slow, lethargic manatee. Reminded me of the ex-wife. Next weekend I bought the correct plugs, Vroooma zoom zoom. Was the quickest 4 banger I ever had. Problem with that motor was weak spot between #1 and #2 cylinder headgasket failed 3 times, in 4 years. Guy at the machine shop finally convinced me I was flogging a dead horse.
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Ill have to check and see if it has ngk plugs. I havent actually dug into it that far. I bought the truck and other than the major things i had to fix i put it straight to daily duty.

And regarding the blow by i made a post in the Engine and Drivetrain section. I figure its better suited there.
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