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Originally Posted by 1lownismo View Post
They make a dulling agent for base / clear applications it would hold up but I never seen it on a flat color, now if the color was ment to be cleared with a shiny clear I know those they add a dulling agent and it makes it look flat but holds up way better . I would go with the satin it would be the look of the flat bently or gsxr , I saw a all flat trailblazer with black rims the plate said murdered oiut lol hahaha anyways its ur vehicle I just think. Flat black is way over done I've seen a toyota camery spray canned flat black just to fit in. Maybe the black rims need to go I dunno. I know on mine I left all the chrome and it looks good. But I'm done with the flat colors.

See where im from and where i live now there isnt many flat black cars or anything... Im far from saying i started it in killeen but after i did my bike and car in it i saw it popping up all over the place there back in 02-03.. right after the sport compact car wrx cover car.. thats where i got the idea.. till then i just loved dark grey primer on everything... in savannah ga. i never seen anything, though i wasnt really into any "scene" there.. here ive seen some kind of... hell i dont know what it is.. looks like a rat rod or something done in the black and a old ford f100 that is primered black.. everyone just looks at my x in disgust now lol... but its what i love.. we sprayed regular clear over the gas filler door and it came out great, so they are getting the same brand of clear with a satin flatner agent to put in it..
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It will probably look better satin at least. My truck has been flat black for 3 or so years while I was doing the bodywork. But if I ever get it back from the shop I'm sending it to the painter to finish it I'm done. Although where I live I actually get compliments on the flat black I'm just tired of seeing it...get some pics up after u clear it
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