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From what Ive learned from the FSM, on my Z24, the plugs fire at the same time. Theres certain conditions based on coolant temp and engine load that either turn the exhaust plugs on or off. Which I thought was odd as Im used to a wasted spark setup such as the ford setup thats used on my miata. The rotor cap on the Z24 is offset 135 degrees for the plugs and it fires them at the same time when both coils are firing.
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Weird. I guess you learn something new every day.
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Sorry. I should have recognized the problem, because I've had that happen when a coil wire came loose, but it continued to run rough under heavy throttle. You said yours cleaned up, so I didn't recognize the problem based on that.

One coil (exhaust) cuts out under heavy load conditions to help it run quieter or some crap. I never understood the logic.
So, if the intake coil goes bad, it will still run fine until the ECU cuts off the exhaust coil.
If the exhaust coil goes bad, you won't know it until the intake coil goes bad also.

Thanks for posting the solution for the reasons you expressed. You are a good person.
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