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i have heard that adding the sound deadening material makes a good difference in the door speaker sound. the doors arent made of anything spectacular. just hollow shells. thats the big reason i havent powered the door speakers.

i might get a bit more complex with the sound system in my 86.5 truck after i have it running. since its a regular cab, i loose the ability to have a ported a box like i run in my king cab.
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Cadillac hit the nail on the head, our trucks need sound deadening material because the metal is so thin you loose responsiveness, I have a pioneer head unit, 6.5 components in the doors, and set of 4 inch coaxial in the back, it's a single cab, and a sub in the center console one amp 1100 watt 1 ohm stable that only runs to the sub, I have better sound quality then other cars with a ton of money thrown at the system, it's all because I did the sound deadening and that makes a ton of different in our trucks, p.s. I build systems for a living, and as they say the customer is always right lol, I have only about 500 dollars in my whole system and you can hear it for miles
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Thanks for all the replies. Haven't moved forwards on this project as I mostly ride my motorcycle in the summer. Starting to think though about getting the truck work done so it's ready for winter.

I'm thinking I will get an amp and run the fronts & and sub off the amp and keep the rears on the head unit's built in amp.

I'm looking at a sub like the Pioneer GMA4604. 4 channels x 40w, bridgeable. What I am having trouble understanding though is bridging the amplifier. I've been reading the manual and it totally glosses over bridging. So all I need to do is run speaker wire from the sub to + on the say the left rear channel and the - on right rear and the amp bridges that automatically? And I can still keep front left, front right their own separate channels so I'd end up with 140w @ 4ohm channel, 1 40w @ 4ohm channel, and 1 80w @ 4ohm channel? I know I'd need to do the math then on the impedance and wattage of the sub.

The other option is someone local is selling a Nakamichi PA 350 amp. It is 35w x 4 channels @ 4ohms. Like probably many of us here I have a lot of respect for 80s & 90s Japanese electronics & manufacturing. I'm thinking about getting this and wiring it up to drive my fronts and rears. Even though it is dated, it is supposed to be a very high quality amp. As far as I can tell though this would preclude me from running a sub (unless I got a second amp, then I'd probably need a second head unit cause my current has only one set of RCA preamp outs, and then I'd probably be better served just speccing out a system from scratch!)

Anyone got opinions or answers? Thanks again for the help.
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sound deadening for the win,but don't cheapskate it, do it properly!
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Mine Consists of a pioneer 8600 (?) Headunit. Cheap Kenwood coaxial speakers in the doors and in the back of the kingcab. They run on the HU. 1 12" sundown in about 3cubic ported box. With about 700 watts on it. Yhe box was built for the truck. The coaxial do seem to be lacking at times. But otherwise I'm very happy with it. For the price I paid, the 12" was 300. Everything else was less.
Get deadener, wish I did. Still thinking about it. A decent HU will make a world of difference. Mine is very good not a 80prs but has alot of those features.
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