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Default 1991 Auto to Stick Swap Project

***This truck is not for purists, just a trigger warning for all you Barrett Jackson watchers. This truck is a 400 dollar fun ride that I keep going only because I would hate to see it in a junkyard where it would have ended up if anyone other than me owned it. If you don't approve then buy it from me and do what you want with it. Other than that enjoy the thread***

***This truck was in Roadkill magazine, if you don't like or get Roadkill then this truck will not make sense to you.***

I decided to copy and paste my build thread from another website to IN. This started about 2 years ago so the timeline might seem screwy with where the truck is today. It's a trip into the past back to the very beginning. So here we go!

July 23rd 2012

I just paid for this truck today. It's a 1991. Got a good deal on it with the wheels and tires even though I am thinking chrome Cragar Nomad II's and the Nissan SCCA red/white/blue race colors on it. It does have a roof rack which also makes me half tempted to put "Peeping Tom Inc." on the side with a bunch of ladders up top. It's was purchased at Napa Nissan in Napa California. It's only been in NY state for about 4 years. There are scratches on it which is OK with me, I can actually drive it without having paranoia. In 4 years I can get classic car insurance. It's 2wd, it's auto, it the base fleet model with no A/C. It needs fuel lines but overall is in decent shape. If the tranny blows I plan to swap it to 5speed. Here's some pics.

So I towed it home yesterday. Drove it around the yard a bit but noticed that just turning the wheels caused the tires to grab hold of the fenders...no good. So I de-ratted it till I can get some lower profile tires. I did clean it up a bit and did a front brake service...the sliders had no lube!!!! Neither did the pads and that never leads to good things. Who puts brakes on and doesn't lube everything up? Anyway I have a great truck on my hands. Cosmetically it's scratched to hell but mechanically it looks fantastic! The interior even looks new! Got to fix this gas leak in the next couple, got to drop the tank to do that but I've done it before on a much more rotted truck with good results so that should be a walk in the park. I did a quick plateless bonzai run up the street and it runs and shifts good. At $800 I got me a good truck! Here's a couple de-ratted pics.

It's a fleet model so it only came with power steering. No radio but someone tried to install one at some point in the trucks life. It didn't work when I got the truck. Checking with a test light I was able to find the radio was spliced to the cig lighter and the cig lighter fuse had blown. New fuse and a better ground helped get the radio working again. The truck is as spartan as they come...I love it! The steel wheels are cool but I have had a set of American Racing wheels for a few years now that are in good shape. The wheels are leaning against the truck in this pic and the triangles are facing the wrong way but I'll be swapping over to these wheels.

And finally all 3 trucks together.

Got the American Racing wheels installed.

Window tint might be next.

Found a full set of 4x4 flares at the junk yard yesterday. Got the rears mounted as they are plug and play. The fronts require 4x4 fenders which I am not there yet.

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