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Well, I figure it's time for another update. Hopefully by the end of the month I will purchase the final parts I need...the water pump, clutch kit and input/output shaft seals. I was under there recently and noticed the shaft seal on the driver's side has developed a slow leak. I must have buggered it up when I replaced the CV axles a few months back. Oh well, it can wait until I do the clutch. Currently the car is at 157K and I'm still driving it pretty much everyday. It'll go from the full line to the bottom line on the dipstick in about 600 miles. Not good.

I am re-buying some parts. I purchased a cheaper gasket set and after seeing how the valve cover gasket didn't fit correctly I am not too confident in the head gasket, so I'll get a fel-pro one. Same for the valve stem seals. I don't want to replace parts twice because I put a cheap one in. I am trying to be done learning that lol. On the same note I'm thinking I'll spend a little extra for the Aisin clutch kit and water pump. I have an exedy clutch in my truck and would get one of those in a heartbeat but rockauto doesn't have one for this car. Also going to replace the clutch master cylinder because I replaced the slave about a year ago and never followed up.

Also, I am thinking about switching it over to full synthetic after the break-in period and after I can confirm that it's no longer burning oil. I have heard that the main reason you don't want to switch a high-mileage car over to synthetic is because it can cause old seals to leak. Since I will be replacing literally every seal on the engine I don't think I have much to lose. Thoughts? I am also fine with continuing to run conventional, I don't think this engine cares too much as long as it's the right weight and it has oil in it lol.
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I started running synthetic in mine when I bought it at about that mileage (150k). It started burning too much in the last year to justify that, but it has never left a mark on the ground or had a drip hanging anywhere except when I knocked one of the rocker cover half circle seals off during install of said cover. I have used synthetic oils in various vehicles for 15 years, and I would agree in general with the seal statement.

Hard saying what was in my engine before I changed the oil that first time. I bought it from an ex motorcycle racer who maintained it mechanically and cosmetically very well.
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