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im really enjoying this build , u have some cool ideas and do great work. i read further up how you were being criticized for cutting up a perfectly good truck , do these people have nothing better to do than criticize ? im of the opinion, that if you dont like what you seeing just shut the hell up and move on. no one is forcing them to look at your build. i dont mind criticism but thers a good way to do it . there are different styles of building and not everyone will like what you are building. keep us posted on the progress, there are many guys here that cant wait to see what you do next.
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Thanks!!! I appreciate the encouragement for sure! I'm actually at an impass atm with the project. I had to move it from the ultimate shop situation to what promised to be at least workable. And has since proven to suck pretty bad.. I'm splitting the space with a granite guy and I've spent more time moving my shit around his and trying not to stand or kneel in slurry puddles with the heater set to 90 degrees than anything else. I'm instantly covered in white shit the second I step in and the truck looks like it's got ten years of storage dust on it. Now I hear today we have to move again... fml... the most I've got done since the move is I started cleaning up and prepping all the cut pieces from my last access to the plasma table. These pieces are the permanent replacements for the cantelever arms off the rear bags with improved travel geometry. it's definitely a longer road ahead than it was going to when I was surrounded by talented motivated fabricators. Props to all you lone builders out there for staying motivated and not losing the drive and inspiration! Not that I have but I'm scraping the fuck out of this speed bump and I'm out of air haha... On a better note the bug runs good lol and my BMW project might actually come back from the paint shop soon, I've been doing the final prep myself and it's goin in the booth tomorrow for the body color. I'm hoping all the accents and lace roof are done next week I'll post a pic when i get it put back together... at least I'll be rollin bagged again!
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