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Default Long ass project topic!

What's up guys, yesterday i found myself (once again) laying in bed, searching the forums, and it came to my mind that i have my truck in the shop for about a month now, and i never shared anything with you guys that deserve so much. So i am building this threat to show you my little baby. I want to start by saying i am a huge fan of this forum and all the work you guys do here, i am from Portugal and here D21 trucks with metal beds are EPIC rare, i literally never seen one on the road besides mine in my entire life! so it is very hard to find information on the truck here, and has a result, infamous nissan has became my home in terms of problem solving and idea seeking.
Before i start, excuse my english, i hope it's not too mutch of a hassle!

Let's role back to when i was 18 - 4 years ago, and i got my license...
I always loved driving, since i was a little kid, so when i got my license my grandmother lended me the D21 wich, at the time, was a working truck, that was used like a month per year to collect grapes and take them to the whinery to make whine. So i started using it, as a daily not really paying attention nor caring about the truck.It is a 1990 D21 2WD with the 2.5 diesel engine. It was fun, it was a diferent vehicle than i was used to because it had short gears and was rear wheel drive. So i started to realise that because of that and because it was a truck , i could do some offroading!! So i did!

And i had a hell lot of fun!!! I broke some body peaces a few times XD!

And i got stuck for hours some times XD


but i always loved the truck, and it never EVER EVER failed on me! Iran it over a month with no oil on the motor, i run it another month with no anti-free, i was offroading it with my battery loose inside the hood, it never ever ever ever stranded me on the side of the road or let me down! So i started to realise that this truck was one BAD ASS MOTHERFUCKER + was fun has hell + was RWD + was really rare!

So then i started to take a little bit more carefull about the truck so i spent about 1 week on my vacations, literraly doing nothing else other than cleaning the cabinet!! And removing 26 years worth of dust!


This was just the tip, i took the entire dash apart and cleaned every single peace, one by one, and put it all back toghether!


After this epic clean up i wanted to change the truck fluids, so i changed the engine oil.... then i took a peak at the anti freeze reservoir and i tought to myself " Wy tha fuck is this reservoir brown?" , so then i realise it was probably because it had rust inside the cooling tubes, so i decided to flush the radiator system out, and this is what came out xD.


So i had to buy new parts and put it all back toghether and i stayed nice and clean!!
So has i was groing older, and more experienced, and has my love for cars in general and for this truck in specific kept raising, i started to do more risky stuff, like driving over 50MPH on a gravel road about the width of the truck, until some day, some motherfucker decided he wanted to stop me, so that bitch crossed a steel cable in that little road, and when i passed flying by, it caught my bumper grill and pulled the truck back ALOT, thank god the cable snaped from where it was straped and i kept mooving forward ! This is how the truck looked after.


I was really sad about the truck and i tought i wouldn't be able to repair it, but i did!! haha =D
After this day i decided i would not offroad the truck anymore, since i had already taken care of some stuff on it, and since i decided i wanted to make a project out of it! And let's face it, a D21 2WD? with 75HP ? it's not an offroading vehicle xD. So i had to face reality and stoped going offroad with it, BUT!!!, i discovered i could have alot of fun in wet roads =PPP, so i started drifting the truck alot!! Everytime there was a litle bit of rain outside, i would run to my truck and go for some drifting! I was puting brand new tyres every 3 months on the truck ! It was insane... Until one day i was drifting a roundabout, never had drifted such a big roundabout like that before, i was powersliding in 4th gear at 40MPH and i made a mistake.... i decided i wanted to get out of the roundabout without stoping the drift, the truck overspun and i crashed =(
It turned out not all that bad, bought basicly an entirely new front for the truck, but it got fixed again!

About 6 months ago, i finally decided i would restore the truck and make it new, and make it an exclusively daily/drifter so i went over to a body shop, and told the guy i wanted to make the truck look like new! i din't care about the price, i wanted it rust free, with all the lines put toghether and i wanted a good work.
It has been in the shop for about a month now, i go see the truck everyday, because everyday is a new problem XD.
Work done so far :


They still did not start working on the bed yet, but it is going to be fully rebuilt!
Every single bit of rust is going to come off the truck, it is going to be frame treated and coated with some black anti rust rubber, the exhaust is gonna be fully rebuilt, the cabined fully sound proofed with dynamat, and the truck painted satin black!!!

I've painted the interior so far, and it looks great !


ATM i'm trying to find some black pathy doors to put them on the truck, i have got over 1000€ in parts to put on the truck, for example, power windows, exhaust cutout, power locks, shift knob, steering wheel and so on and so on!
Im gonna make this truck look like new!!! Im going to throw in some 245/45 R17 wheels on it, and lower her a bit and it is going to be perfect!!
Im hope you guys enjoy my litle trip on this build! And i hope i can count on your help to solve some problems =P .
Love you all!!!
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Love it! I have looked at 1000's of pictures of these trucks and never seen a box like the one yours has. Very neat!

So if I wanted Euro-spec parts for my truck you are the person to ask?
Nissan Truck Videos (Builds-Racing-Shows-Tech)

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Originally Posted by Foul_Mouth View Post
Love it! I have looked at 1000's of pictures of these trucks and never seen a box like the one yours has. Very neat!

So if I wanted Euro-spec parts for my truck you are the person to ask?
Hey!! thanks alot!
Yeah my box is bit diferente than the US box. Altough i like the US box alot more, im even going to switch the tail lights to the sides of the bed door like your kind of boxes!
As for the EURO parts, i'll be glad to help you the best way i can for sure!
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