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Default Ka24e exhaust manifold upgrade?

Eventually I'll be taking out the motor from my 94 hb 2wd for a teardown and refresh. I was wondering if getting a new exhaust manifold and full exhaust (rusted out) would add any power gain? Would a 240sx ka24e manifold fit the truck ka? The truck is just a dd, i don't want a loud truck and still decent mpg. If stock is best, I'll just stick to that. I saw this for the 240sx ka: https://www.protuninglab.com/hds-ns13.html
Thanks for the info.
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You might be able to get a couple HP from a header. A header will likely change the exhaust note a little but with a nice quiet muffler it shouldn't be much if any louder. Headers work best when used to support other mods and by it's self it may not make much of a difference. Or it could make a noticeable difference. All depends on what else you do.
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Any recommendations for headers? That link is currently out of stock. The only concern for using 240 ka24e headers (if applicable) is the routing of them down under the cab. Not sure how it compares to one another.
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They make headers for the d21 https://www.amazon.com/nissan-hardbo...ardbody+header
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I have heard freeing up the exhaust on these trucks frees up some ponies but if it isnt a significant amount im not sure its worth it. I myself have a 97 hardbody so I have to work around two 02 sensors. For me a thought was to do a header and 2 1/4 exhaust from there back with a thrush muffler ( sounds very similar to a flowmaster at half the price ) and then just ad a 02 bung for the down stream 02 sensor
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The Rev9 manifold adds a bunch of power after you hang a t3/t4 turbo off of it.
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I bought a $80 one off ebay. works great. its lighter. sounds better. and my oem cast manifold was cracked.
0 issues. doesn't feel as sluggish now. prolly cuz clogged cat is gone.

if you want more power NA its not happening unless you get the car ka24 head/intake. a cam and higher comp pistons.
or turbo or..LS or....turbo LS ….

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Been looking around for performance upgrades, of course the obvi is headers, I know DT used to make headers for the z24s but none for the KA's. Wish they did. I've never ran pacesetters, and according to some of my nissan friends, they say it isn't too bad. But I can't settle for "isn't too bad" I need the "those headers are legit" and going Amazon?? Idk about that. I don't want to spend money for it to not perform they way I want it too, so Pacesetters might be my only option...

On to the next, cams and valvetrains, where in the world can I find upgrades, I've Ratsun info, i checked here, i check Nismo, O&J Performance (which keeps going to an odd looking page) and i keep returning to "do the performance parts for s13's KA's apply to our the d21's?"

I'm coming in as a Toyota fanatic, which obviously has a few sources with lots of options, where as KA24E's, it's either go turbo or stick with intake and exhaust upgrades and call it a night... that's some BS. Lol.

Then there's head swaps, from an E to a DE or a SOHC to DOHC, tbh, I don't have a garage that'll allow me to pull parts and come back to it the next day, but I do have a spot where I can work on it for a day, but will have to drive it home when I'm done. that's one of my main problems.

but for now, just really looking for cam, valvetrain, and exhaust upgrades. I'm looking for a carb conversion kit too.. yes, i know, "why go carb when EFI is better" true, but it's preference at that point and Im in Hawaii where theres a lot of hardbody's around with the all show no go motto, i don't want that, i want a little disco boogie off the you know what or top-end pickup on the you know where.

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