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sorry y’all been lagging on posting. Phone committed screenacide and I’m still working on getting stuff off of it.... so last I worked on er I ended up having to move the pedals over another inch while leaving the mounting system in place... super fun�� had to redo the link inside the 180degree clutch and cut the welds and slide the top of the pedal to the right on its pivot rod. Then I had to make a whole new brake pedal from the split pieces up. And welded it on an inch over as well while leaving the lever and return spring in place to keep alighnment with the master cyl. After that it finally cleared both sides of the steering column and was good to go but the gas pedal arm looked janky comparatively. So I made up a semi matching arm to the other pedals to get some continuity under the dash lol... I’m stoked how they came out for sure. But most importantly I can finally move on to something else...

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