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I think a lot of people use MAF cleaner or carb cleaner to find exhaust leaks. Spray it about.

You won't have a carb. Its MPFI. KA24e will be the motor you have!
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What I do isn't recommended, but it works great for me.

Use Vicegrips or a C-Clamp to hold the fan in place (if you are running a fan clutch).

Crank the engine (now you do not have WIND blowing over the engine).

Make small squirts of Starter Fluid around different zones of the engine. Be sure to get the vacuum hoses and mating surfaces wet. The Starter Fluid will evaporate quickly. If you have a leaking vacuum hose, it will get sucked in. If the intake manifold to the block is not secure, the Starter Fluid will be sucked in there. Anywhere the Starter Fluid is sucked in, the engine RPM will jump up.

Once you find the area where the RPM goes up, make smaller squirts in that area until you find the leak.

Don't run your engine so long that it over heats!

Don't forget to take the Vicegrips or C-Clamp off of your fan!

Be very careful with the Starter Fluid or you will have a Big Ass Fire under your hood! Starter Fluid is a lot more volatile than gasoline.
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I picked up a "paint can" smoke tester, via eBay for ~$50, and it works well for finding most vacuum leaks. Youtube videos on them. Not the safest tool, maybe, so be careful.
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