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Default 93 Engine in a 97? Simple? Or Not?

A guy local to me is selling a "what seems to be" a clean X-Cab for $850 OBO with engine issues.

The title says 1998 Hardbody,,,,but I am sure he is mistaken since 98 was the Frontier?

I been wanting a X-Cab,,,,and with the newer dash. This is why I have been hesitant to fix up my 93 reg cab.

I figure,,,,I would yank the engine and trans from my 93,,,,replace the timing chain (with the engine out of the truck), and put it in the xcab.

Then rebuild the engine from the xcab,,,and drop it in my reg cab and have both.

I know!!!! I am a greedy bastard wanting 2 hardbodies. I just can't bring myself to getting rid of my little reg cab. It's mine and I wanna keep it!

How difficult would this swap be before I even go any further with negotiations?

Thanks Fellas!
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