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I've bought a lot of parts from them, mostly for my former sentra but bought a new brake master from them for my hardbody. It didn't end up fitting and I returned it, wasn't there fault I bought a part that looked like it was right but it was for a different model and the shaft that goes to the brake pedal was too short.

If you are interested in anything from them, send an e-mail and talk to Norman, he is who most likely will reply, Norman is a good guy and if you ask for a discount on the price he may give you one.

I bought a brand new surplus 5 speed for my Sentra, in the Nissan crate from them for $450 delivered ! I swapped the stock "E" trim seats for "sport" seats, bottoms and backs, matching door panels, new carpet, a distributor, cooling fans, just a bunch of stuff from them.
Back than they had a lot more inventory available, the stock is getting low now and the Nissan inventory they have is all they have, they don't get anything new unlike some of the other brands that they have.
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