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There are actually two coolant temperature sensors. They are right next to each other on top of the intake manifold. The one with 2 pins goes to the ECU and the one with a single spade connector is for your temp gauge. Seconding Deerhurst's post above, if you turn the key on and ground the temp sensor pin to the intake manifold, you should see the gauge go all the way up to the red.

Originally Posted by YEPEE View Post
it did drop when I got into cold country.. which surprised me
My camry does this too. Normally when it's up to temp the gauge will sit a little below the halfway point, but it's been pretty cold here the past few days. When I was driving it around yesterday I noticed that it took a bit longer to warm up and the gauge drops closer to 1/3 if I'm on the highway. The heat still works fine, so it's nothing to worry about.
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