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I'm assuming that the FSM would tell me the range of ohms that the sending unit should be at for various temperatures? I still think that it would be extremely helpful in diagnosing my issue if I knew what ohms others are running with there gauge at around half like mine used to be. If I knew my sending unit was good by testing it out of the vehicle at various temps, but it was running at too high of resistance after driving my truck for a good while, it would indicate that my truck has something odd going on with the cooling system and its not coming up to the temp that it used to. Also, if my sending unit is at a similar resistance as others after both trucks are fully warmed up, this would indicate that my gauge is bad if mine is at 1/4 and theirs is at 1/2. All in all, if anybody would tell me what resistance their sending unit is when their temp gauge is nearly half, it would be some very valuable information to me and I would very much appreciate it. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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