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Here's an update after about two months of owning it.

I rode it for a few days before tearing it apart. In hindsight I wish I would have left it alone and just rode it until it got too cold to ride and then tore it apart,
but it's too late now and I can only look forward till spring!

I stripped the bike down completely and detabbed / cleaned the frame. My friend helped me build the rear subframe and seat, which is hand bent from a sheet of steel.
Lifted the tank for a "flatter" look and will be tucking the wiring harness under there.
Carbs have been pulled and I'm working on a single carb conversion just to make tuning easier, currently looking for a Harley CV carb to run.
Rear shock has been replaced with a cagiva rear shock, but I'm unsure of the condition and have already order an R1 rear shock to replace it with.
Exhaust was pulled and I'm working on a 2 into 1 exhaust.

Still have a ton of work left. The seat isn't 100% finished, everything needs a fresh coat of paint, need to buy rear sets, finish carb conversion, exhaust, and clean up the wiring.

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