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If you climb under the truck and understand the way the torsion bars work you will see what I mean.
These modern pickups are all the exact same way but full size trucks use drop brackets to drop the differentials to get 6" or 8" of lift. Those trucks don't gain any ground clearance with the drop bracket lift kits either, they're meant to stay on the street. There's just more aftermarket support.

Anything with independent front suspension will work exactly the same way unless you're building an ultra4 racer.
If you want anything over 3-4" of lift on any small truck (ranger,b3000,frontier,tacoma,dakota ) you're either gonna have to do drop brackets or solid axle swap because the IFS wasn't designed to be modified.

If you just want to stuff 33" tires on it, I'd just keep what you have and do a small body lift.
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