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Default SOVED - At least on my truck.

I stumbled upon this post as I just encountered the same problem. There was no warning whatsoever, no bearing noise, no gear grinding, nothing abnormal of any kind since I rebuilt the motor 20k miles ago. My wife was merging onto the highway and just got the truck into 5th gear when it "popped out of gear" (her words) and revved like crazy. She downshifted to 4th and drove to the next exit and stoped at the light. She started from the light in 1st, got into the middle of the intersection and the truck just stopped and revved and wouldn't go. She called me, I told her to put in 4WD low and drive in 4th and nurse it home the next 2 miles. I knew it had to be something common to the all gears except 4th (i.e. the counter shaft, most likely the counter shaft drive gear) due to the symptoms. I've got the transmission torn down and in a vise and everything looks normal at first glance. Everything worked by hand too as the OP replied, and I too was concerned of real power just causing the symptoms again so I pulled the counter drive gear and voila--the woodruff key sprinkled out from behind the counter drive gear in about 12 pieces. The shattered key provided enough friction to make everything seem fine on the bench but when driveline power was applied, the counter drive gear spun on the counter shaft like it wasn't even connected. The drive side of the counter shaft keyways are pretty beat up too.

I can downsize and upload some pics if folks are interested.

I have no idea how this happened. The only thing I can think of is ever since I replace the propeller shaft bearing there was a light shutter when taking off on a steep uphill grade. It felt more like tired rear leaf springs than transmission though. Now I'm wondering if I was hammering the woodruff keys to pieces this whole time.

Anyone have a counter shaft and woodruffs for sale?
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