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I have experience here. Buy cheap and you will regret it.

If you buy NAPA they are made by Mogue, and made in the USA and/or Japan.

If you order online from a Moog retailer you still get good stuff but it takes longer.

On the Idler arm, I bought an inexpensive one and it went bad within a year, buy Altrom - and ONLY Altrom - they own the OEM stuff for most Nissan stuff.

Now the NEXT thing to note is that even Moog comes without paint on it, 1 year in after some wet 4x4'ing and my suspension has a light coat of rust on I'm going to be under my vehicle with POR-15 and just paint it on with a small brush.


FYI Mercury Marine sells a paint that is used for the lower leg of outboards and it's "Phantom Black" - DURABLE and tough paint that also matches 100% if you have black paint but it's good for suspension parts, as is caliper paint from NAPA .

Also grab a Calmini Idler arm brace, they are most awesome!
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