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Default Scoob's Daily

Thanks to photobucket I had to reconstruct this thread, some pictures did not make the transfer and others might be out of order but I tried to put it back how it happened.

Well after searching for a few weeks I finally found my daily driver/project. I got a hold of a 1990, 2wd, std cab, short bed with 174k on the ticker. I plan to keep this on the lower budget end of the scale but I have a bad habit of "getting out of control".

The good news about the truck that I can tell:
Timing chain doesn't make any noise
Engine runs smooth
Transmission seems to shift fine
The body is in fairly good shape (I won't know for sure until I remove the camper if this comment still stands)
The heater works
The gas gauge seems to be working
The temp gauge seems to be working
The engine compartment is little dusty but overall pretty clean
The headlights work?, turn signals and brake lights are operational
Started great in when hot or cold, correct idle according to temp, when cold has high idle and when warm idles normally
No check engine light (yet, knocking on wood)

The bad news that I can tell:
Driver side seat belt is broken (the latch part, nothing is there but the metal frame, wonder if it could be covered in the recall?)
Front bumper is damaged (no other damage except maybe the right front corner marker)
The speedo needle looks like a bad wind-up toy
Some of the lights behind the instrument cluster are out
One of the brakes needs attention, it is squealing
One or more of the tires are way out of balance
Shocks are a bit worn
A few dents, mainly in the hood and driver door, but others exist (very small overall)
One headlight is out, could be just a bulb or maybe the turn signal switch
The tint looks like a 3rd grader did it (really old tint though, turned purple)
Paint is fading/starting to loose the clear coat in places
A/C doesn't work, parts are there though
Dash looks like a WWII beach in France
A/C vents.... well you can take a guess
Someone doesn't know how to put the clips back on the bottom of the glove box or broke them
Driver door lock won't lock/unlock with the key
The carpet was soaked???
Need a new back glass, slider is busted

I will update the above later once I find out more about it, basically drove it when I bought it. Put it on a trailer to get it home and then unloaded it. Started it this morning to make sure cold starts are fine then removed the carpet.

I have no idea why the carpet was soaked, seems like the truck was used on a farm and the owner left the windows down this past week we had rain, the carpet was dripping wet when I took it out. I felt the fire wall and it was dry so doubt it was the heater core or a leak from the windshield. There was no smell of antifreeze inside, this is something I just kinda hesitate on but accepted the fact I might need to investigate this a bit more. They had freshly changed the oil, for me this is like a warning sign they could be covering up other things like a blown head gasket (took out all the water/oil mixture when they changed the oil). It did have a new filter and also new tires, normally if you are going to sell a vehicle this old people don't worry about new tires but I will have to wait and see. I also worry about the camper, maybe the top of the bed rails are totally rusted out but I won't know until I remove the camper. The only rust I have really seen yet is inside the cab on the rear driver side corner where the jack is mounted. The paint is peeling away and looks like some surface rust but am waiting for the cab floor to totally dry before I go poking around.

Now to the good stuff, my plans. Many of my plans were going to take the bad parts out of the truck anyway so I am not too concerned, to do list:
Updated 15 June 2016

Solid back glass - Done
Remove Camper and get a bed cover - Camper sold, bed cover up in the air
New Windshield - Its cracked, not a high priority item
Pathy front bumper/headlight/grill - Done, may look into HIDs later
93 or newer truck hood - Not sure if I will swap it, starting to like the current 3 hole hood with the pathfinder grill
Clear turn signals - Done
Clear/red tail lights - On order
Clear corner markers with black trim for a pathfinder- Done, ordered some from overseas, they were gray and not black and the wiring harness was different, painted them black
S-10 front valance with fog light holes - Done
Remove rear bumper - Have factory roll pan but need to mount a hidden hitch before I remove bumper, looking at options
Led lights all around, might get LED tail light kit - Have not looked for yet

Drop Spindles - Done
Lowered rear leaf springs - Done
2" Angled Drop blocks - Have, not installed
C-notch the fame - Not sure if I want/need to do this
Isuzu Axiom 17" wheels - Done
New tires - Done, 205/45/17"
Upgrade the front brakes to the V6 style - Done
Complete Moog ball joints and steering parts but idler arm and steering box - Done
Complete Energy Suspension bushing kit for D21 2wd (black) - Done
Sway Away torsion bars - Done
Nissan 4wd front shocks - Done
Nissan Quest rear shocks - Done
New national wheel bearings (inner and outer pairs) - Done
New cross drilled/slotted rotors and ceramic pads - Done
New Stainless Steel brake lines - Done

Fix seat belts - Done, Nissan recall got the seat belt buckles replaced for free, had to use the service dept.
Fix glove box - Needs the lower hinge "clips"
Replace the antenna with an interior one and shave the hole - Removed the antenna, New antenna after new windshield, cover the hole
Install factory Intermittent wipers - Have junkyard parts, swap when remove dash
Convert to power windows, mirrors, and locks - Have junkyard doors for complete swap
Install factory Cruise control - Have junkyard parts, swap when remove dash
Get a gauge cluster with a tach - Have an SE cluster from 87, research to install and wiring harness, swap when remove dash
Get LED lights for the dash - Have not even looked into it yet, this thread might help:
Fix A/C - Have not looked into it yet, repair when remove dash
Install factory tilt steering - Parts acquired, swap when remove dash
Swap to a different steering wheel - Looking at a quick release, want 14" wheel or bigger no power steering
Redo the tint job - Need back glass and new doors installed before I do this
New carpet - Have not even looked at the options
Ext cab or pathfinder bucket seats - Installed
Repair dash - Not looked into yet
Build center console - Not started yet, after dash repair
Small stereo system - Not started yet, after dash repair
Recover bucket seats and door panels - Not started yet, after stereo install

New plugs/wires/dist cap/rotor - Done
Swap to electric fans - ?
Need to upgrade the radiator, probably install Mishimoto radiator for a 240 and electric fans for it - ?
240sx intake swap - Looking for

Then probably turbo this sucker, small amout of boost, less than 10 lbs, I do not want to run an intercooler (this is new exahust manifold, might run a megasquirt unit, maybe new injectors, of course new exhaust from the block back, this is really low on the list but my plans)

Things that I probably might replace just because I am there

Front bearings or other worn out parts after taking the front end apart (if there is something I am forgetting that is common to replace feel free to give me a tap on the shoulder and ask about it).

Post updated with pics:

Think they tried to wash it, if you look close you can see pine needles hanging off the leaf springs

I had started to pull the interior apart before the sun came up but you can see the floor is totally soaked that is water

This was after I removed the carpet, the drips in the center are from where I took the passengers side carpet over the gear shifter

Worst rust spot so far, pretty much surface rust

Here is the bumper damage, I think most are this way
The Kids= Down N Out: 91 Nissan Ext Cab, SR20DET, Build Thread:
The daily: 90 Nissan Std Cab, KA24, Build thread:

87 Nissan Pathfinder...on hold... , 93 Nissan Pickup Long Bed.....needs help!!!

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