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OK, truck runs fine now, so that's good, and I'm happy. Here's the report: There was no electrical power to the EGR sensor; one pin in the ECU connector was bent slightly and not making good contact with the ECU. Also, they replaced a bad oxygen sensor (Denso 234-3113).

I cannot remember if I even TRIED to access the ECU back in Jan. 2014 when I installed the Rostra aftermarket cruise control (I may have tried such on this truck, or maybe on the 1998 Frontier, cannot remember). In any event, "if" that bent pin in the harness was due to ME, that would've been 7 years ago and the stalling just started recently, so being OK for 7 years doesn't sound like it was due to anything I did.

Anyway: finding the harness pin bent is way above my pay grade. Obviously, I am capable of replacing an oxygen sender, but from the Service Engine Codes, I wasn't directed to a bad oxygen sender. So I'm satisfied with what shop did, and I no longer have the P0406 EGR temperature sender and P0462 Low fuel sensor codes.
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