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Still having a stalling issue when idling, drove it down 100 miles today, was perfectly fine until the first red light after 95 miles and then it stalled, would've had no clue there was something wrong. So I dropped the truck at the shop (stalled 2 or 3 times idling on the way there; I swapped MAF sensors with my 1998 Frontier did not affect things at all. '98 still runs fine, 2004 still has stalling while idling.

Before the 100-mile trip yesterday, I did change spark plugs (looked like rich mixture to me, may be a clue), and added a can of Berryman B-12 Chemtool fuel injector cleaner to the gas tank. No change, and one cannot tell that anything is malfunctioning while actually driving. Did get a P0172 service engine code, too much gasoline detected in exhaust.

I should hear something from the shop today, will post. not going to throw parts at it !!!
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