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Originally Posted by ahardb0dy View Post
I have one of those quick connects for my jumper cables

SB50 or SB175? These are the 175s. For a 100% duty cycle they're technically not big enough for the 350A that the winch could draw, but the winch modular cables that even Warn uses are this connector albeit in a different housing color, and they only use 2AWG while I'm using 1/0 as my minimum cable size.

I also took my good jumper cables and cut them about 5/6 of the way along and put a pair of connectors on, one on the short-end and one on the long-end. This way I can use them as normal jumper cables or I can plug into the connector and turn the switch on for either end of the truck, as there's one at the front and one at the back.
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