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Worked on it most of the day today except for the break to go with my dad and buy another AR.

Sand blasted and painted the last header.

Then cured them. Mmm.. headers!

Then fought with the Y pipe. I think I might get the sawzall out. The two bolts where the Y pipe meets the rest of the exhaust hate me and I cant get them to budge.

The bolts to the down pipe from the mani are also a PITA. Broke one, pulled the stud on one and cant budge the 3rd and thats all I tried.

These are the evil ones too:

Good news: Got all of the mani bolts out that were not already broken. One was broken on the passenger side and is the reason for all of this. And one stud decided to come out.

And where I am at now. Work called me and asked me to come in on my planned day off so I may not get a chance to work on it again till saturday.

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