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I dig it. You can buy smaller refillable propane tanks too. In a perfect world they are supposed to be filled by weight and only to ~80% of the tank's total volume to allow room for the propane to evaporate and expand. My folks have one they use with their camper for things where it wouldn't be practical to haul around a 5 gallon tank. BTW, those buddy heaters have a safety interlock on them, down low where the cylinder screws on. It's magnetic and I am guessing there is a valve in there that doesn't allow propane to flow through if there isn't a cylinder attached. You can get around it by simply putting something magnetic in front of it to get the valve to release. Then you can use an adapter hose and hook it to a regular propane tank (not that you should, but you can). It should also have an interlock that shuts it off if it gets tipped over. Don't mess with that one.

Definitely install a CO/flammable gas detector, like amdilligaf1 mentioned above. It might just save your life one day. BTW, the ones in a lot of campers also detect methane. Our dog used to set it off pretty regularly .
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