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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
@amd - do you just refill the normal 1lb tanks? From what I was seeing I would need to get "refillable" tanks. Wasn't sure what would really be different.

I will probably look at getting the 20lb tank hooked up in the future. I won't want to be messing with the small tanks for too long. I could spend my winters in Az though, haha. I thought the buddy was supposed to be safe indoors? It wouldn't be anything to add a detector though if need be.
i just refill the normal 1 lb tanks. as far as i know, there is only one kind of green tank, they are meant to be disposable.

using the refill fitting makes it easy and so much cheaper than buying a bunch of them. i forgot to mention that you put the little green ones in the freezer for a while ( or outside if you are in alaska!!) before you fill them, that helps the propane flow in for some reason.
ebay probably has all this stuff,too.

i had a friend give me a box of 1 pounders he was throwing away.
with the 20 pounder turned upside down, resting on the valve guard, it fills right up (takes a few minutes). i keep a couple filled in case i want to use the little buddy without dragging a 20 lb around.

your heater is supposed to run 5.4 hours on a 1 lb tank, so you could get 100 hours out of a 20 lb!! i am sure prices are different, but in my town, the local propane supplier has been refilling 20 lb tanks for $10 the last 3 years, $50 for a 100#, i keep 4 in rotation, empty 2, fill 2...

and every few years, if one looks bad or rusty, i trade it in at a retail propane tank exchange, like blue rhino for a new one with a new valve. pick one you like out of the cage.

it is safe to run the heater in an enclosed space, and it is supposed to shut off when oxygen is low, but in a 4x7 space, better safe than sorry.

a CO detector is 20 bucks or so. you wouldn't wake up if you had high CO levels, you would just stay asleep and never wake up. and a smoke detector gives you a little notice if your inverter or anything fries while you are asleep.

you can't enjoy your truck and teardrop if you aren't here, and that would make us sad.
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